April Update



Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers that have sustained me over the course of the past month. I am thankful to God for the support raising process because it has brought me into a relationship with more members of the body of Christ and it has taught me to pray with greater urgency and specificity. I have also come to appreciate more profoundly just how indispensable and effective prayer is when the body of Christ acts in unity.

I am reminded of the boy with the unclean spirit in the book of Mark who the disciples were unable to heal. After Jesus casts out the demon, his disciples ask him why they were unable to do so. He replied: “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer” (Mark 9:29). Likewise, I believe that prayer is essential for every aspect of my ministry from my time of preparation in the U.S. to the time I spend in Bolivia. Please continue to pray for the LORD to ready my heart to serve with all humility and wisdom and that He would continue to prepare the hearts of those He would like me to reach with the gospel of Christ.

In terms of my financial goals, I am excited to share with you that I have raised 48% of my budget for year one. I had not expected to be this far along after three months of the support raising process. It is my fervent desire and my constant prayer that I can be at 100% by June. Please pray for me as I already have a number of opportunities scheduled for April.

In about two weeks I will start taking classes offered by the International TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Academy. This two and a half month course will help me to teach English more effectively in Bolivia. The teaching tools and techniques learned from this program, in combination with the prayers, devotions, and Bible stories that will be built into my curriculum, will make for English classes that meet the educational aspirations of my future students while introducing them to the gospel.

If you would like to donate to my ministry, please visit: MissionStream.org.

Have a blessed April!

Grace be with you,





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