March 2023

Ruth is fully moved into La Casa de Rut (Ruth’s House) and has hit the ground running. As I mentioned in my last update, she is pursuing a career in the medical field, so she’s been busy studying for her entrance exams. She already took one exam and she has another coming up this Thursday. Please pray for her as the exams are very difficult and the content is quite unpredictable. 

Ruth attended a church camp over the Carnival holiday and had a wonderful time. In this picture she’s standing (left) next to the young lady who leads the young adults group at the church:

Below she is pictured with Nadja, a German volunteer at the children’s home where Ruth used to live. The two of them have become fast friends:

A couple of weeks ago, Nicol moved out of Ruth’s House to pursue a more independent lifestyle. My greatest concern was for her safety so it was an answer to prayer that she moved into her own room at Dina’s house. Dina used to work at the children’s home Talita Cumi where Nicol grew up, so the two of them already knew each other. Please pray for Nicol as she learns how to live on her own and manage her own work schedule. Please pray that the Lord would lead her to a church community too.

Two weeks ago my parents came to Bolivia to spend a month here. The children at Talita Cumi have been overjoyed to see them again and spend time together playing board games and sports at the park. My dad plays chess with the boys while my mom has taught the children Skip-Bo.

My parents sponsor three siblings at the children’s home and we had them over for dinner:

My dad even shared his birthday with two others at Talita Cumi: Jesús who turned 14 years old and Aunt Esther who is the house mom at the boys’ house:

Please keep Jesús (pictured above) and his sister Karen in your prayers. They recently moved to Talita Cumi and they’re still getting accustomed to their new life at the home. Jesús in particular was saddened by the fact that he would not be able to celebrate his birthday with his mom. 

Thank you for your prayers.