October 2020

September was a good month. I mentioned in my last newsletter that I was going to launch a new mentorship program for the older boys at the children’s home Talita Cumi. The mentorship program is called Jethro, named after Moses’s father-in-law who guided him through a burdensome era with the Israelites. The program is underway and I’m already seeing good results. I’m mentoring the two oldest boys at the home: Luis (17 years old) and Lider (15 years old). Please pray that as the mentoring continues our trust will deepen, the Lord will grant me wisdom, and the boys can grow in godly maturity.

Lider (far right) is one of the boys that I’m mentoring. In this picture he’s giving a presentation for Santa Cruz’s Independence Day.

We recently held a wonderful evening for the older girls at the home called “For Princesses Only.” It was a gala event that reminded the girls of their preciousness before Christ. He is the King of Kings and that makes them princesses. The specific message of the evening revolved around guarding one’s heart (Proverbs 4:23). Each girl received a rose, a card with encouraging words, and was prayed over by a tío or tía at the home.

I’m praying over Geraldine (13 years old).

The children rarely leave the home due to the ongoing pandemic, so a recent adventure to a retreat center was very welcome. The children rode a zip line, played soccer and volleyball, and swam in the pool.

I continue to teach English at the children’s home. The children have learned greetings, numbers, telling time, and adjectives. They’ve nearly completed memorizing John 3:16 and my desire is to move onto other verses in the future. The kids are excited to speak English with their sponsors and other visitors from the U.S.

My work for El Alfarero continues from home due to the pandemic measures. I’m working on English curriculum that will be part of a missionary course sending Bolivians and other Latin Americans around the world. Mission agencies are already expressing a lot of interest in the program. Please pray that we can launch this project next January.

Please keep Bolivia in your prayers as the presidential election nears (October18). It is a deeply divided nation and a lot hinges on the outcome. This will be the first election since the dictator Evo Morales was removed from power a year ago. Please pray for a peaceful transition of power. 

Thank you for your prayers.