September Update

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The Final Countdown

It’s hard to believe, but I’m on the final stretch! On September 25, I board a plane for Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

I am grateful for all of you who have made this kingdom work possible through prayer and offerings. I’ve witnessed the Lord preparing a path for me to head south and begin this new ministry and a very new chapter in my life.

August Highlights

August was full of marking off items on my ever-growing to do list and beginning the process of saying my goodbyes to family and friends. Here are the highlights from the month:

~ Traveled to Indiana for my cousin’s wedding and then swung through Illinois to visit more family: my parents, two of my grandparents, a cousin, and my brother and his family (pics below).

~ Visited Good Shepherd Church in Camarillo for the second time. This was a good time of fellowship and encouragement. Thank you, Pastor Jim Johnson, for making this possible.

~ Established that my last day as a producer at Salem Media Group will be September 15. I’ve worked at Salem for 13 years.

~ Completed my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification.

Prayer Requests & Praises

~ Praise God that my preparations for leaving have been smooth sailing so far.

~ Please pray that I would cherish and enjoy these final 4 weeks with friends and family.

~ Ask that God would move the hearts and minds of Bolivian students to desire to know Him.


Lots of people have been asking me where I will be living when I arrive in Bolivia and when I will be returning to the U.S. to visit:

1. I will be staying in a dorm room at El Alfarero (The Potter) for the first few months until I find a permanent place to live.

2. I’ll likely be returning for a visit around Christmas of 2018.

I’ve raised 88% of my goal for year one. Please help push me across the finish line!


August Update: I Bought My Plane Ticket!


The Big Day Is Coming Soon!

I am excited to share that I bought my plane ticket and I will be leaving for Bolivia on September 25. I am thrilled to begin this new chapter in my life and I am thankful for all of the prayers and offerings that are making this mission a reality.

A big thank you to all of you who are partnering with me in this ministry! All of you remain in my prayers.

A New Ministry Opportunity

In addition to teaching English to college students, I recently learned that I will be teaching English to native Bolivian missionaries who are being sent out to the nations (India & Nepal). While Bolivia traditionally is a receiving nation, I am eager to play a small role in making it a sending nation too.

July Highlights

~ Visited the Clarkson and Reese life groups from The Bridge. It was a good time of fellowship and sharing about my upcoming ministry in Bolivia.

~ Got my yellow fever shot, so if I decide to go on a jungle safari, I’ll be safe from infected mosquitoes!

~ Finished the coursework for my Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate. Now all I need to do is complete 9 more hours of practicum.

~ Shared about Bolivia with Lifesong church in Newbury Park.

Prayer Requests and Praises

~ When I arrive in Bolivia I will begin looking for a place to live. Ideally I’d love to live in a place that offers both social interaction and some privacy.

~ Please pray that when I arrive, I can start making connections with students who will be interested in learning English and that the Lord would like to draw to Himself.

~ Praise that my finances are coming together. I’ve raised about 82% for year one and I’d like to be as close to 100% by the time I leave.

If you’d like to donate, go: HERE.