February 2022

January was a fun-filled month for the kids. We took full advantage of their school break to take countless trips to the park to play soccer, to play summer games with water balloons in the 90+ heat, and even take a trip to Güembé: a large park with a butterfly sanctuary, a lookout, pools, trails, and biocenters to learn about different animal species.

The children returned to school today (February 1) and the current plan is that they will be attending classes virtually four days per week and one day a week in person. While the children have enjoyed all of the vacation activities, they are excited to return to school in large part to see their classmates again. 

My role at Talita Cumi will be expanding to include new responsibilities. I will be playing a heavier part in helping the boys with their studies and homework. Furthermore, I will be tutoring Juan Pablo (15 years old) who has taken a keen interest in learning English. In a recent effort to care for the children on a much more individual level, each child has been assigned a worker as his or her own personal mentor. Juan Pablo has been assigned to me. So, not only will I support him in his studies, but I will take on a more individual effort to help him grow closer to the Lord and advance in all areas of his life.

Beyond that, I’ll resume my weekly devotions with Lider (16 years old) and Juan Pablo at my home. We’ll continue going through the book of Proverbs to learn what it means to be a man of God.

Lider, Juan Pablo, me

As for Ruth’s House, Nicol commenced her studies today (February 1) in her course to finish her last two years of high school in one year. She is also enrolled in an institute to continue her computer course that she started last year. Due to complications related to the pandemic, Nicol has not moved into the Ruth’s House apartment yet, but I expect that she will within a week or two. Yesterday I asked Nicol how she’s feeling with all of the changes and she said she was “excited.” I’d like to thank all of you for your prayers and financial support to launch this ministry. 

Helen (left), Nicol (middle), Clara (right)

Prayer requests:

~ Please keep the Talita Cumi team in your prayers as the kids resume their studies. It’s no easy task assisting 27 children in virtual classes simultaneously. 
~ Please pray for Nicol’s transition from Talita Cumi to Ruth’s House. This will be a challenge for her to get accustomed to an entirely new living situation and mode of studying.

Grace be with you,