June 2022

In the month of May, Talita Cumi held a fair to sell arts and crafts and baked goods made by the kids. The money that they earn is saved in their personal accounts. The turnout was large and even a young orchestra showed up to provide music!
The Alpha course with the two oldest boys and the two oldest girls at Talita Cumi came to a close after 9 weekly sessions. The kids really enjoyed learning about the essentials of the faith such as: who is Jesus Christ, who is the Holy Spirit, the purpose of prayer, and the importance of evangelization. I believe that the course helped strengthen them in their knowledge of the faith.

My weekly devotions with the two oldest boys Lider and Juan Pablo (pictured above in the grey sweatshirt and green t-shirt) is still continuing. We’ve completed 21 chapters of Proverbs so far.

The kids finished their first trimester of school and recently endured a bunch of final exams and projects, so getting the boys out of the home and taking them to the park and pool for some recreation was more than welcome. May was a beautiful month as the toborochi trees were in full bloom.

Thank you for your prayers and support! Blessings.