October 2022

I am pleased to announce that we have received official confirmation that we will be receiving a new young woman into Ruth’s House. 

She shares the name of the ministry; her name is Ruth. Ruth is from another children’s home called Amparo (Refuge). She recently turned 18 years old, which means that she needs to move from her current children’s home to another safe place where she can continue on with the next stage of her life. 

Ruth is introverted and loves to study; she will be graduating with honors from high school this November and has been the best student in her class for three years in a row. She’s quite ambitious. She received an entrepreneurship grant from a local nonprofit to start her own baking business from home and she would like to pursue the medical field in her university studies. 

Ruth will be moving into Ruth’s House in January of next year. She already knows Raquel, the guardian of Ruth’s House, because Raquel serves at the children’s home were she currently resides. Beyond that, Ruth already knows Nicol and has spent time with her at church and other social activities. So, we are excited to receive her in the near future and we trust that the relationship building with Raquel and Nicol done prior to her arrival will help make for a smooth transition. Ruth (left) and Nicol (right) in the picture below:

We are pleased to see that Nicol is advancing in her studies, and we anticipate her high school graduation by late November or early December of this year.

Nicol was taking computer classes in the evening at an institute, but when we realized that they were not advantageous to her particular skill set, we counseled her to discontinue the course in favor of taking art classes next year. This plays to her strengths as an artist and, Lord willing, will open up more job opportunities in the future. Meanwhile, we are encouraging her to find a part time job. 

While Nicol was more content to spend time alone in the first few months of her transition to Ruth’s House, I’m glad to see that she’s doing more social activities and school-sponsored outings with her classmates. She really seems to enjoy them as she is expanding her horizon with more relationships and experiences. Nicol (far right) in the photo below:

Talita Cumi Children’s Home:

September, in many ways, was a month of routine and more routine at Talita Cumi: school, homework, meals, and playtime at the park. Two major events stand out: 1) we received two new girls at Talita Cumi; 2) our celebration of Students’ Day.

We received two sisters: Luz María (16 years old) and Liliana (12 years old). The girls seem to be taking their new surroundings in stride, although the transition to a new home always comes with difficulties and complications. Luz María is more reserved, though I’ve noticed her speaking with more frequency. Liliana is a child who hungers for love and a nuclear family atmosphere; she asks all of the aunts and uncles at the home if she can call them mom and dad. 

Liliana (left) and Luz María (right):

For Students’ Day we went to a park with two pools, a soccer field with artificial grass, a sand volleyball court, and a playground. The kids were able to let loose and enjoy a day off from school.

Please keep Ruth in your prayers as she transitions from her children’s home to Ruth’s House early next year and Nicol as she looks for a part time job. Please also keep Luz María and her sister Liliana in your prayers as they continue to adjust to a new living situation and grapple with the trauma of their prior circumstances.

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