September 2020

So much has happened since my last update that it’s tough to know where to begin. I started teaching English classes at the children’s home, Talita Cumi. I have one class of four boys and another class of six girls. I asked them why they want to learn English and their answers were a pleasant surprise. Many children responded that they want to speak English with their sponsors in the United States and Canada, and communicate with mission teams that come down to the home. A few children also said that they would like to get a better job later in life and travel. Right now we are focusing on learning common words, basic grammar, and memorizing John 3:16.

The children have been cooped up in the home since mid-March due to the pandemic and the quarantine. Although they can’t leave, they’re staying busy with online courses and other virtual workshops. In addition to playing soccer, volleyball, and tag in the courtyard, the home recently acquired a 12-foot trampoline. The children jump on it constantly. Even I get on it with the kids, bouncing them well above my 6’3 height!

I’m excited to share that I will be launching a mentor program at the home. A pastor and I will be mentoring five older boys (ages 13-17) one day per week. Once a month all of us will gather together to discuss challenging topics like personal identity, dating, and manhood. Please keep this project in your prayers as we need wisdom, discernment, and perseverance. My vision is to expand the mentorship to the older girls in the future, pairing them with their own female mentors.

I continue to teach an online course, Transformational Discipleship, with other team members from El Alfarero. I also continue to develop curriculum for an English course for Bolivian missionaries that will launch next year. One recent update is that I will be teaching one of the two courses. I’m pleased to help play a role in sending out Bolivian missionaries.

Please continue to keep the children of Talita Cumi and El Alfarero in your prayers. Times are still difficult with a grave economic slump due to the quarantine and severe medical challenges. Adjusted for population, Bolivia’s death rate is twice that of the United States. Moreover, we are in a heated and violent election season. Please keep the nation in your prayers. If you’re interested in learning more about the political clashes and pandemic turmoil, read this NY Times article.

On a more pleasant note, we recently celebrated Bolivia’s 195th anniversary of its independence.

Thank you for your prayers. If you support me financially, you should have received an email from Mission Stream apprising you of updates to their website. If you have any difficulty logging into your donation account, please let me know. Thank you!

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