April 2023

Last month my parents and I hosted a Ruth’s House dinner. The guardians Raquel and Regina were there, along with Ruth (the current participant at the ministry) and Helen (who will be joining the ministry in May). It was the first time that Ruth and Helen were able to meet. They share a number of commonalities: they both like to bake and have worked part time selling baked goods, they are studious, and they have a growing relationship with the Lord. Please pray that they can be more than just future roommates, but good friends too.

March at Talita Cumi children’s home was full of numerous activities, more than I can cover. Here are a few highlights:

We celebrated International Women’s Day. It was a wonderful chance for the boys to do something special for the girls. All of the boys chipped in by cooking hamburgers, setting up tables and chairs in the patio outside, serving the food, sharing a few kind words, and praying for the girls.

A group from my Bolivian church started doing monthly activities with the children. It has been a joy partnering with them and supporting them in their vision. Last month they talked about how the joy of the Lord is our strength and this month they will focus on how God is our Father, a timely lesson since we recently celebrated Father’s Day in Bolivia. This is a particularly important and sensitive topic considering that nearly all of the children have been abandoned, and several abused, by their earthly fathers. Please pray that the children receive this message into their hearts.

One Saturday I took the boys to my friends’ house for an afternoon of hot dogs and soda, swimming in the pool, and billiards. It’s always fun introducing the boys to something new, and little did I know that this would be the first time for a number of them to play billiards.

I’d like to thank Todd and Graciela Spence who shared about Ruth’s House and Talita Cumi during Calvary Community Church’s missions day. Calvary Community is sending down a team to visit both ministries this June, so if you attend there and are interested in knowing more, please let me know.

Thank you for your prayers.

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