February 2023

Last month we received Ruth into Ruth’s House. Ruth is an inquisitive and studious young woman who is quite excited about this new stage in her life. She had her suitcases packed two weeks prior to the move. She is currently studying for her entrance exams in February and March to go to medical school, so please pray that she has the energy and endurance to comprehend the material and do well on the exams. We’re thrilled that Ruth is part of the ministry now, and we’re excited to guide and support her in this new phase.

Prior to receiving Ruth into the ministry, Nicol, the first participant of Ruth’s House, informed of us of her decision to leave the ministry and live on her own. Her desire is to live, work, and study independently. While we at the ministry have our share of concerns for Nicol and would have liked to have seen her stay on for another year, we are also thankful for the victories we’ve witnessed.

When we received Nicol into the ministry about a year ago, she had great difficulty articulating and processing her emotions, she was two years behind in high school, and she was unemployed. A year later, we’ve seen her exhibiting more self-control with regard to her emotions, she earned her high school diploma in an accelerated program, and for the past month she has been working full time in the food sector at a large market. She also enrolled in night classes in order to pursue a technical degree in beauty (styling hair, painting fingernails etc).

For those reasons, we are proud of Nicol, and we’ve assured her that she will always be a part of the Ruth’s House family, and we expressed our hope to remain a part of her life. Please keep her in your prayers as we help her transition out of the ministry this month.

At the Talita Cumi children’s home, the big news is that we have received two siblings and another girl into the home. This brings the total number of children to 19 girls and 11 boys, which is our full capacity. Luciana has joined us, pictured below baking bread:

Jesus and his sister Karen have also joined the children’s home:

All three children are quite lively, chatty, and seem to be handling the transition to a new home well.

School starts today (Wednesday), so on our last day of summer vacation we went to a small resort with a soccer field, pool, and a barbecue. The children had a blast, and since it’s the rainy season here, it stormed like crazy too.

Thank you for your donations, prayers, and encouragement!

Grace and peace be with you.

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