May 2022

April was a meaningful month full of church activities and times of celebration too.

For Easter I took four of the boys from Talita Cumi to Trinity International Church. Trinity is a multi-cultural church with services in English. It has a Scottish pastor, missionaries from the United States, Canada and Great Britain, along with a majority of Bolivian attendees. The boys enjoyed stacking their plates for brunch and then listening to the service interpreted into Spanish.

One Sunday I had the privilege to share about Ruth’s House at Trinity along with the director of Talita Cumi who gave an update on the children’s home. The church supports four ministries in Santa Cruz, Talita Cumi being one of them.

On April 12 we celebrated Children’s Day. We spent the afternoon at a site with two pools, a soccer field, and plenty of space to play games. We ate lunch and served cake as well.

This past weekend, the Talita Cumi team had the pleasure of traveling for a retreat. We saw many beautiful sites along the way.

Nicol has been having difficulty learning how to balance her new liberties with new responsibilities, but we have seen progress over the past couple of weeks. We recently received a message from her Language professor reassuring us that Nicol is on the right track with her studies in his course.

Raquel will be spending more time helping Nicol to learn how to manage and express her emotions rather than shutting down. Please pray for wisdom and patience in this regard.

Beyond prayer for Nicol, please keep the children in your prayers as well. Their return to school has been a blessing in that they’ve been able to interact with their friends at school and participate in fun activities, but it has also opened the doors to bad influences from their peers as well. Please pray for the Talita Cumi team so that we can address these challenges wisely and with discernment.


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