September 2021

I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you that I saw and spoke to during my seven week stay in the United States. It was a pleasure spending time with so many of you, and I hope to return next summer for another visit.

Praise God, Ruth’s House, the transition house for young women aging out of Talita Cumi, is moving forward nicely. I’d like to thank all of you for listening to the needs of the new project and giving generously. The ministry is on firm financial footing for year one and the board of directors and I are finalizing our five year budget projections and plans for the future. We estimate that we’ll need to raise about $108,000 to provide a home for nine girls over the next five years. If you would like to help contribute toward that goal, please visit our website.

Nicol, the first girl who will participate in Ruth’s House, recently spent one night at the guardian Raquel’s apartment to get accustomed to what the permanent change will be like come December. Raquel said that Nicol felt awkward at first, but then warmed up and engaged in conversation with others. I believe that this is a good sign of things to come.

I’d like to thank every individual, life group, and church that invited me to speak about Ruth’s House and Talita Cumi. It was a joy to see all of you and I’m thankful to God for your donations and prayers.

Please keep the following prayer requests in mind:

1. Inocencia (the director of Talita Cumi), Raquel, Nicol and I need your prayers as we work together to launch Ruth’s House by this December. One of the next major agenda items is to find a place for Raquel and Nicol to live.

2. Please lift up the children of Talita Cumi. I will be returning to the children’s home soon (I’ve had to quarantine for 10 days per COVID protocol). I’m excited to disciple the older boys and share Jesus with the younger ones as well. May the Holy Spirit bring healing and salvation to the children.

I spoke at many life groups.
I spoke at The Bridge and Nueva Vida. Alex Rivero prayed over me.
I also spoke at Gold Coast Christian Church with Tim Kanter.

Grace be with you,


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