May 2021

I would like to bring you up to date on a very new and thrilling ministry development.
Approximately a year and a half ago the Lord opened my eyes to a serious, unaddressed need in the lives of the children at Talita Cumi: those who age out of the children’s home at 18 years old lack a comprehensive transition plan. Returning to their families is not an option and few foster families are willing to take them in. We struggle nearly every year to find a safe and loving home for the children to live. As a consequence, too many children leave Talita Cumi (and children’s homes in general) and lack firm spiritual, emotional, and financial support to survive in the real world. Too many of these young adults make poor decisions that perpetuate their poverty and put them back into abusive relationships. The Lord placed this burden on my heart.
After careful consideration, prayer, and conversation with my close confidants, pastor, and ministry partners, I’ve decided to launch a new ministry that will provide a transition house for girls who are leaving Talita Cumi. Starting in 2022, eight girls will leave the home over a five-year period.
My mission is to provide a safe and loving home for young women who have graduated from Talita Cumi and guide them in Jesus Christ to become spiritually, emotionally, and financially self-sufficient and independent while they pursue their educational, relational, and career-related goals.
It is my sincere hope and prayer that those of you who are supporting me with offerings and prayer will join me on this new journey. You are the body of Christ to me, and without your partnership I would not be able to launch and sustain this project.
This coming July I will step down from my responsibilities at El Alfarero (where I teach English) and I will be serving more actively at Talita Cumi while working to launch the new ministry. This project involves several parts, and I have a few key prayer requests that I’d like to share with you:
1. I am currently applying for a non-profit 501c3 designation in the United States so that I can start to raise funds for the project. Please pray that this paperwork process goes smoothly and quickly.
2. Please pray that we can find a house to rent close to Talita Cumi.
3. Please pray for a Christian woman or family who will feel led to live with the girls and love them as their own daughters.
I’ve been asked about whether a transition house is in the works for the boys. At this point, no, because there are far fewer older boys at the home than girls and the oldest boy at the home now doesn’t turn 18 until late 2023.
Thank you for your partnership and helping to make this moment possible. I look forward to sharing new details with you as the process unfolds.
Blessings and grace be with you,

The children made a sign and cards for me for my birthday.
A few of the children are learning how to use Adobe Premiere in our new serigraphy (silk printing) room. The children will learn how to print logos on items like coffee cups and t-shirts.
It has been raining a lot lately.

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