January 2021

After a most extraordinary year that saw a pandemic touch and transform nearly every area of our lives, and for many brought significant challenges and sadness, I’d like to take a moment and share with you the ways that I’ve witnessed the Lord’s mercies in my ministries in 2020:

~ The Lord protected all of the children at Talita Cumi from the virus and restored to full health two of the tías who contracted COVID.
~ A number of the tías’ husbands were out of work due to the pandemic, but the generosity of donors made possible a disbursement of bonuses to keep their families afloat.
~ The national quarantine put in grave jeopardy the survival of El Alfarero, but thanks to the generosity of donors, the organization continues to move forward and minister to the community.
~ El Alfarero developed curriculum and formed a team for a missionary school that will receive a partial launch this year and a full implementation in 2022.

I am grateful for all of your “above and beyond” donations and prayers that lifted up so many children and ministry partners the past year. 

In December we carried out a successful shoe campaign for the kids.



Christmas was a festive time for all of the children. They decorated Christmas trees and the home with their own handmade crafts and had a big Christmas dinner. The children sang songs and dramatized the birth of Jesus.

Christmas play about the birth of Jesus.
The girls performed a special song.

Christmas in Bolivia is typically celebrated with loads of food (pork, beef, chicken, rice, vegetable salads, potatoes, and much, much more) late on the 24th, countless fireworks at midnight, and then hugs, kisses, and gift opening around 12:30 AM. All of the children from Talita Cumi spent Christmas outside of the home, mostly with the tías’ families. My parents and I hosted six children (two sets of three siblings).

Christmas dinner with Jhon, Yamil, Yessica, Geraldine, Jennifer, and Benjamin.

My parents have enjoyed their time with the children: swimming, playing at the park, eating snacks and meals, making Christmas decorations, and playing sports. 

My mom (in pink) making Christmas decorations with the girls.

Thank you for sustaining me in the Lord with your prayers and offerings. I pray Paul’s prayer for the Philippians over you: that “God will meet all of your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus” in this year, 2021. 

Grace be with you,


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