June 2020

The latest in Bolivia is that our total quarantine requiring near, absolute confinement at home has been extended by at least 14 days. Today marks day 71 of being shuttered up.

Despite the great obstacles facing El Alfarero and Talita Cumi, both ministries are pushing forward by the grace of God. At El Alfarero, never before have we been able to minister to so many people through biblical counseling (conducted by Zoom). At Talita Cumi, never before have I witnessed so many letters of love and encouragement being sent back and forth between the children and their sponsors. Despite the financial challenges that we are enduring, the Lord continues to miraculously provide funds to keep both ministries alive.

On a personal ministry note, I’m delighted to be part of an international team putting together English curriculum for a missionary program that El Alfarero will be launching next year. I can’t wait to see how the Lord works through this course as Bolivian missionaries prepare themselves to be sent out. I’m also participating in converting our Transformational Discipleship course into an online format. We anticipate that social distancing regulations will likely prevent us from teaching courses in the classrooms at El Alfarero for some time.

One source of sadness for me since the quarantine started was not being able to visit Talita Cumi due to the Coronavirus rules and regulations. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to receive an invitation a week and a half ago to visit the home and celebrate a birthday party for one of the girls. Being with the kids gladdened my soul.

I leave you with this short message and ask that you please continue to pray for this nation: daily bread for the poor, health for the children and the frail, wisdom for governmental leaders, and perseverance for the body of Christ.

My prayers for the Lord’s grace, mercy, and deliverance are with all of you, especially now with the entire nation grappling not only with COVID-19, but also with the harrowing sorrows surrounding George Floyd’s death. May those who do not know Jesus Christ turn to him and may those who believe press evermore into Jesus our “sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain” (Hebrews 6:19).


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