April 2020

I’d like to thank all of you who have been praying and contributing toward the campaign to keep El Alfarero afloat and provide salaries for those who need them most. Within less than two weeks, we’ve raised nearly $5,000 through our U.S. campaign. Thank you for giving above and beyond in uncertain times.

The Bolivian government has implemented strong and drastic measures in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. As of today we are in day 11 of a total quarantine. That means that no one is allowed to leave his or her home on the weekends. It also means that you are only allowed to leave your home for groceries according to the last digit of your national identity card. My ID number ends with seven, which means that I am permitted to buy groceries on Thursdays between 7:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Other than that five hour period on Thursdays, I am not permitted to leave my home. Violators of these emergency laws face a fine of between $150 and $300, and up to eight hours in prison. Arrests are being made and vehicles are being impounded.

Currently we have 115 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and six deaths. The number continues to increase daily, so please pray that we are nearing a downward slope. A marked rise in the number of cases would likely begin to crush our health care system already overburdened with dengue and influenza patients.

Thank God, most of my ministries have continued in light of me being sequestered at home. I am still able to mentor young men via chats on the telephone, I’m actively maintaining the letters going back and forth between the children at Talita Cumi and their sponsors, and I’ve been doing additional fundraising for El Alfarero and Talita Cumi due to the financial repercussions from the virus. I’m seeking to be prayerful and reach out to others in need, as I know many of you are doing as well.

Unfortunately, I cannot visit the Talita Cumi home due to governmental health regulations and my English courses will not resume until businesses open again.

Praise God, the children at Talita Cumi are doing very well, considering the fact that they cannot leave the home. The boys are building LEGO spaceships, and the girls have memorized Psalm 23 and are watching documentaries about animals around the world. Both the boys and the girls play soccer and volleyball together in the patio, do two hours of homework every day, and write letters to their sponsors.

Please keep the children in your prayers, and the team members too, who are working overtime to keep the children healthy and occupied with various activities.

Thank you for your prayers! All of you are in my prayers as well. Grace be with you.

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