June 2019 Update

Happy 4th of July!

I imagine that many of you will be firing up the grill, traveling, and enjoying fireworks very soon! I wish you all an exciting 4th!

I’d like to thank all of you for your prayers for Talita Cumi’s annual camp. This year’s theme was “Who Am I?” As you can imagine, children who grow up without the love and care of their mom and dad struggle immensely with their identity and sense of worth. This year we focused on providing the children with biblical answers to these burdensome challenges. We reminded them that they are children of God, that He loves them and will always care for them, and that He has a special purpose for each of their lives. The children also heard the testimonies of two young men in their 20s who grew up under heartbreaking circumstances, just like the children of Talita Cumi. These young men shared their stories and how their salvation in Jesus Christ transformed their lives. My hope is that the children learned how to trust in the Lord more and believe that they too can live blessed and meaningful lives.

In addition to the messages, worship in song, and testimonies, the kids also splashed around in the pool, conquered an obstacle course, and played sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball. I’d say that nearly half of the kids were sleeping from exhaustion on the bus ride back home!IMG_2592.jpgIMG_2945.jpgIMG_3052.jpgIMG_3216.jpgIMG_3467.jpgIMG_3996.jpgIMG_2895.jpgI was so proud of my English students for the past module. They were a real dedicated group who not only advanced far in their English skills, but also created a real sense of community in the classroom. For every English course, the students are required to recite by memory a Bible verse in order to receive a special certificate from El Alfarero. For my advanced class, I upped the requirement to a recitation by memory of the Ten Commandments (in English, of course). They nailed it!

The English courses came to a close last week before their winter break. I had a nice heart to heart with all of my students about all of the important decisions they will be making in life: choosing a major, where to live, whom to marry etc. I expressed my opinion with them that the most important decision they could make is about their relationship with God. I invited them to speak with me if they had any questions. One of the students suggested that we start a Bible study for the English students. I think that it’s a wonderful idea, and I’ll be seeing how I can implement it in the future.

Thank you for your prayers for my students.


My students bought a chocolate cake to share for Teacher’s Day.

IMG_1143.JPGIMG_1294.JPGThank you, again! Please keep praying!

2 thoughts on “June 2019 Update

  1. gloria a Dios por el Ministerio que emprede hermano Derek.
    Dios siga usando su vida en el servicio con los niños y con los jóvenes Universitarios en las clases de ingles


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