November Update

October was a bustling month full of all kinds of activities. I started two new courses of English, which meant that I took on several new students. It’s a great pleasure having new students in the classroom as well as a number of students who are continuing from prior courses. I’ve been amazed at the progress they are making linguistically and I am thankful to God for the conversations we’ve been having in the classroom.

One of my favorite conversations dealt with Matthew 4:18-22 where Jesus calls his first disciples. We discussed the implications of three central verbs in this passage and what they signify for a relationship with Jesus Christ: call, leave, and follow. Jesus called out to his disciples, they left their jobs and family, and they followed Him. I challenged my students to think about how this applies to their lives. Another one of my favorite discussions was about Matthew 8:23-27 where Jesus calms the storm. We discussed the story on a figurative level; that is, how we too face storms in life and we can call upon Jesus for help.


Some of my level 3 students.


Last month I also helped head up an information table for El Alfarero for a job fair at a university. I shared about the various ministries and internship opportunities that we offer. I also helped lead the Soularium activity in order to get to know more about the students: their aspirations for the future and their thoughts and views on God.


Mónica, one of the leaders of El Alfarero, and I at the job fair. Mónica’s husband, Sergio, runs the café at El Alfarero.



The Soularium activity.

On Thursday, November 8 El Alfarero held its annual fundraising dinner. We invited people throughout the community: individuals who have a relationship with us, and business and church leaders. While El Alfarero does have revenue streams through the café, educational courses, and office space for rent, it relies on outside support in order to survive.

I continue to volunteer at Talita Cumi, the children’s home. In recent weeks I’ve sensed that my relationship with the boys has deepened. Through my continued interactions with them, I’ve grown in knowledge on how to connect with each individual child in the way that he needs. They are more accustomed to my presence and–even though I spend time with them every Saturday–they frequently ask when I will be coming back for my next visit. The boys are used to so many people coming in and out of their lives and–whether they are conscious of it or not–they desire on a very basic level for people to invest in their lives not just with care, but with consistency. Please pray for me as I continue to do what I can to show them the love of Christ. In order to see pictures of the kids, please view my monthly e-mail newsletter.

Praises and prayer requests:
~  I am grateful to God for 13 months of fruitful service in Bolivia. Please pray for wisdom and vigor as I finish out four more weeks with my students before returning to the U.S. for a visit.

~ Please pray for the boys and girls of Talita Cumi and for its leaders as they are making structural changes for the employees. I’m overjoyed with the addition of two new workers whom the kids love and respect.

~ Please say a prayer for the finances of El Alfarero and our fundraising dinner, so we can continue to pursue our mission of sharing Christ with university students.


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