El Alfarero Outreach

Over the course of the year El Alfarero will be engaged with the community serving in a number of different capacities. Our most recent outreach event was at a local church near the Piraí River in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. We spent an entire morning with about 60 young kids. We played games, shared the gospel, loved on them, and provided lunch. It was a joyful time.266feb8b-b826-4f7c-aafd-03176fa84b42b373f5e9-1f13-45b5-bd36-6f48b282bf0d60118dd6-319b-4cca-a848-6bdc3873c5188930997d-fdb6-44b5-a192-e229691fb5d0c4f52978-973c-48f1-bbc6-5d7f9aa920877de779ca-67f6-494e-bdf2-9816a206e7673d88d22f-4979-4a51-ac02-14792e203708

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