Working in the Café

The last couple of weeks I’ve been helping out in the café. The café at El Alfarero (The Potter) is completely run by students. The menu is amazing with all kinds of lunch items and drinks. Lunch platters have a choice in a few different kinds of meat, and come with rice, beans, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, and corn. Drinks include smoothies, coffee, frappuccinos, soda, and more. Snack items include brownies, peanut cookies, empanadas, cinnamon rolls, and one of my favorites: the cuñapé, which is a doughy bread made of yuca with a cheesy center. So good.

The café is one of the centerpieces of El Alfarero because it helps generate income to keep the ministries going. It also draws in hundreds of clientele every day who are made aware of the various ministries at El Alfarero if they should want to avail themselves of them.

Personally, what I enjoy most about the café is the people with whom I work. They are abundantly kind and cheerful workers who love being there. We have a lot of fun washing the dishes, preparing the drinks and meals, and serving the customers. There are a lot of places to eat in Santa Cruz, but honestly, this is my favorite place to eat. The food is great and everybody knows your name.

One thought on “Working in the Café

  1. Derek,
    So good to hear all about the cafe, the people, the opportunity’s made available to all who enter.
    I can hear your joy as you serve with this wonderful group of believers. And what a great environment for others to walk into, good food, and good people, feeding the body and the soul… This is a beautiful gift to your community…love reading the updates!
    In Christ,
    Rebecca Harm


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