February Update


The last few weeks have been a productive and growing time for me. I had the opportunity to share my vision for sharing the gospel in Bolivia with three Bible study groups. It was a blessing to be encouraged and prayed over by others. I also had the chance to share my vision with friends, co-workers, family members and various members of church leadership. It’s exciting to meet the team of senders that I believe God set aside beforehand.

Last week I attended a language institute where I observed English taught as a second language. It was a good chance to meet faculty who teach English for a living and take notes on teaching methodologies. I hope to return regularly to learn more. I am also in the process of looking for a program through which I can earn a teaching certification to teach English abroad in Bolivia.

I recently spoke with the founders of the organization I will be serving in Bolivia—El Alfarero (The Potter)—and they requested that I move to Bolivia this September. There are a number of logistical reasons pertaining to this decision and there is great wisdom in it. My goal is to try and raise all of my financial support by June so that I can utilize the summer for additional preparatory work. I am pleased to report that I have raised 1/3 of my finances for year one.

Thank you again for your faithfulness. Here are a few ways that you can continue to help me on my road to Bolivia:

Prayer requests:

1)    That the Lord would continue to grow my group of prayer and financial partners.

2)    That the Lord would prepare the hearts of those I will meet in Bolivia to hear and respond to His word.

Action item:

1)    I still have a lot of work to do to raise the finances necessary to serve in Bolivia. Do you have friends, family members, pastors or a Bible study group that might be interested in meeting with me? Please let me know. Feel free to forward my blog onto others.

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